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Home » Road Data » TRACC issue adding road network edited in ArcGIS

11/6/2015 5:35:33 PM

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Do you know if there are issues that can arise loading in a road network– Meridian based – after editing in ArcGIS? When I load the original set in toTRACC, all seems well – all features are loaded. However, after loading in toArcGIS and extending to include some extra cyclepath links, I cannot get theshapefile to load successfully. It reads fine and loads on to the road ribbonarea as an empty set of features with no error message.

In terms of my edit process, all I did was create a new shapefile anddigitise cyclepath links which snapped to the road network. Where thesecoincided with edges of the Meridian features, I split the feature to ensurejunctions coincided with end points of features only. To ensure the RoadLinkIDattribute remained unique, I suffixed ones resulting from split with ‘_X’ todifferentiate them from the original. I then merged the new cycle paths on tothe Meridian data and updated columns to match what looked correct. These toohad unique RoadLinkID assigned.

Is this a typical procedure, or should I only edit within TRACC itself?

I am planning now (time is against me) of doing within TRACC, but needto know if it is okay to plot a path which goes from edge to edge – i.e. notnecessarily to an edge point on the road network. It looks in thedocvumentation as if this is the case, with a screenshot showing such anexample and nothing to contradict this. It surprises me, but hopefully this isthe case as will be easier, I just want to make sure the underlying processingwill pick up the edge (road) to end (cyclepath) data.


11/16/2015 11:03:23 AM

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Just to confirm this was sorted via our support portal - support.basemap.co.uk

Home » Road Data » TRACC issue adding road network edited in ArcGIS

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