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4/14/2010 9:34:53 AM
NPDTR October 2009 Accession Problem Glad its working,

4/16/2010 10:35:18 AM
Free OS data Here is the site to get all your data from: -

4/20/2010 9:13:54 AM
Free OS data Though I personally prefer using Streetview data which is just as detailed as 1:25k i believe. To give an idea a corporate licence for Streetview was over £125k before being made free - more expensive than 1:25K Raster.
6/10/2010 11:26:29 AM
Free OS data Keith,

Just thought i would see if you had used the new VectorMap product? I have been testing it but have found various holes in the road link's - have you had similar problems?
7/30/2010 12:43:09 PM
Published paper: Journal of Maps An interesting read. I agree that having fare included in the software would be great, though unfortunately there is no national dataset of this data and so can't be used. I would be interested to know more on how you decided wait time should be analysed, you mention using headway on a service - this is similar to how frequency networks calculate wait time, though for low frequency networks it was found this wait time was un-realistic. Is this something you found?
8/17/2010 9:39:05 AM
Public Sector Mapping Agreement Please see the link below to see how the new public sector mapping agreement may affect you?

edited by admin on 8/17/2010
8/26/2010 4:50:39 PM
Naptan data imports from Thales Do you import the NAPTAN stops first?


8/27/2010 12:59:36 PM
Naptan data imports from Thales Ok, Glad you got it working!


9/6/2010 12:25:08 PM
One-way links and walk calculations Hi Carol,

Sorry for the delayed response I was on holiday last week and so i did not have a chance to check the forum. One-way link restrictions only apply to cars and cyclists - therefore pedestrians can still walk through the road network in either direction.


9/21/2010 2:59:54 PM
Free NPTDR Data The whole NPTDR dataset was released yesterday on the data.gov.uk for commercial use. Note that you will need to comply with any requirements set by data.gov.uk. Following this Basemap are happy to offer an importing service that for £50 + VAT we can provide an Accession ready database for you to utilise, this can prove useful for larger study areas such as London where importing can take a while.
edited by admin on 9/21/2010
10/12/2010 4:47:44 PM
Speed Data Accession can only recognise one speed per link, i know that some users have used different speeds dependant on the time of day and type of calculation. This could be a good suggestion for the feature request - bi-directional link speeds.


11/12/2010 4:44:17 PM
Potential Release Date for Oct 2010 CIF data? Last year they were released around December time, year before that was February. No idea when this years will be available.


1/25/2011 12:00:43 PM
Potential Release Date for Oct 2010 CIF data? Just been told they are aiming for a release by the end of January.

2/1/2011 1:41:37 PM
Potential Release Date for Oct 2010 CIF data? It has just been released on the NPTDR site.


2/9/2011 4:00:40 PM
Potential Release Date for Oct 2010 CIF data? Hi Rob,

I have been told by the DfT that it will be on the data.gov.uk site at the beginning of March.


4/1/2011 2:23:17 PM
Hail and ride I have been asked in the past about Hail and Ride and how this should be coded in Accession and other data sources.

The DfT have provided me with the following link, http://www.dft.gov.uk/naptan/schema/2.4/doc/NaPTANSchemaGuide-2.4-v0.56.pdf saying that Hail and Ride is from page 133. Let me know your views on this.
4/13/2011 12:51:44 PM
Accession and Parking Standards Hi Chris,

We have limited the size of upload, how big is the file? I can look into upping the limit.


5/17/2011 9:10:05 AM
Temporal Accessibility (work in progress) Hi Keith,

What software did you use to create the video?


5/18/2011 9:42:17 AM
Temporal Accessibility (work in progress) It is something we have wanted to add into Accession for some time, it is on the features list.
5/31/2011 11:48:46 AM
Demand Responsive Transport Please can all ideas on how to model demand responsive transport be posted in this thread.
edited by admin on 5/31/2011
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