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Rowley - all messages by user

5/19/2014 10:51:12 AM
Hansen Scores Hello,

Is it possible in TRACC to run an equivalent of a Hansen score calculation, as you could previously in Accession? I have an employment calculation I wish to carry out but would like to weight it by the number of jobs at the destination sites so the result is more meaningful.


5/29/2014 4:44:42 PM
Multipul Destinations/Origins When you import the destination file (usually either a GIS file or an Excel file) you can have as many destinations within the file as you wish, you could be testing access to one location (e.g. a new school) or many destinations (e.g. all GPs within a county or district). I am not sure exactly how it works if you just create a destination file by manual creation but it is far easier to have a file prepared to load into TRACC.

5/29/2014 4:46:36 PM
Colours Assuming you are referring to the plan as shown on the other posting, the graded colours are set by the time parameters used to create the contour - you can set the colours to whatever you want (within the boundaries of TRACC) or whatever GIS package you are using if you export the contour.

7/22/2014 10:18:18 AM
Error whilst importing CIF File Hello,

I have created a CIF file for a new bus service which we are testing the accessibility for. This has been saved as a CIF file using the function, but when I try to import that file into another network I am getting the following error message:

Please click on Report a Bug button, then create a new post on the forum and copy and paste the following error description.
System.ArgumentException: "An item with the same key has already been added."
at Core.ViewModel.Spitfire.Tabs.PTNetworkTabViewModel.OZK1GX9QMA(Object , RunWorkerCompletedEventArgs )
at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.InternalRealCall(Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs)
at MS.Internal.Threading.ExceptionFilterHelper.TryCatchWhen(Object source, Delegate method, Object args, Int32 numArgs, Delegate catchHandler)

I would like to import this simply so I don't have to recreate the service again.


7/22/2014 10:32:16 AM
Error whilst importing CIF File I am using version 1.1.1 of TRACC. Hopefully the CIF file has uploaded with this message.

7/22/2014 11:21:09 AM
Error whilst importing CIF File Additionally, I started a new PT network using this CIF file only and then imported a CIF file containing all the other data into it and it seems to have worked fine (i.e. doing it the other way round from before), there were no errors when importing it. Seems to suggest the network I originally created the service in has a problem, but the data overall is actually OK.

7/23/2014 8:24:41 AM
Error whilst importing CIF File The PT Data would have been xml data from Traveline from a while ago (with naptan data loaded), with some updates by myself to take account of a number of changes which took place in recent months. Never had any issues with it before as it loaded in correctly, and I had been able to append new data to it with service changes.
7/24/2014 8:21:53 AM
Error whilst importing CIF File Yes, couldn't say which version but would have been an older one.
8/4/2014 12:07:48 PM
Query about how TRACC calculates Hello,

I'm sure we have considered this before (probably during a user group meeting or when Spitfire was being developed), but could you give me a description of how TRACC actually calculates? When we used Accession before this used to look every 10 minutes through the time period selected for the calculation and return the best answer (for PT access), how does TRACC carry out its calculations? I need a brief description of how TRACC works as I guess it works things out differently to the way Accession used to.

Many thanks,

8/21/2014 1:41:08 PM
Query about how TRACC calculates Many thanks for the reply.


8/12/2015 9:52:32 AM
Hansen Weighted Calculations It took quite a while to work out how to calculate the Hansen score, a lot of digging around old books and the web for the relevant formulae to do it! ArcMap was able to produce these and they do work very well graphically, especially in relation to access to employment where a Hansen score gives a much better indication.

Rowley - Staffordshire County Council
8/12/2015 4:30:27 PM
Hansen Weighted Calculations We did the calculation in Excel and then imported it back into ArcMap. If I recall, we actually used the instructions in the old Accession manual (sorry Dan!) which had the Hansen formulae in there. We might be able to forward you an example spreadsheet to have a look at, to see what we did to create the Hansen.

11/26/2015 11:51:13 AM
Destination Data for NI 175 Unfortunately DfT stopped producing this kind of destination file around 2010. Where we have had to run calculations to supermarkets/convenience stores we have had to create the destination files ourselves. I did ask DfT in 2014 I think whether this kind of information was going to be produced again and was told they were looking at it, but heard nothing since. Having used the old data before, it was always a little suspect anyway with plenty of closed shops etc included in the data file.
11/30/2015 3:43:12 PM
Destination Data for NI 175 Hi Ed,

Unfortunately, we just did a trawl of Google Maps and our own GIS system to locate convenience stores, had no other option. Other than using websites of the large supermarkets to locate their stores I couldn't find any other way, apart from using the 2010 data as a start point and seeing if the stores were still in existence or not. I have recently done this for a couple of districts in Staffordshire (Newcastle and South Staffordshire, and Stoke-on-Trent also).

In terms of Post Offices, I haven't done any accessibility calculations to them recently, and I am not aware of any other sources of data other than their website which isn't really much help!

Sorry I can't be more help there.

3/13/2017 4:58:01 PM
Loading information from Traveline Hello,

Which authority are you trying to load the data for? Generally, within Traveline the data is listed alphabetical by council within that Traveline region. In the West Midlands, the data from the FTP site is pretty much in order of authority, with 'cen' for Centro, then twm_3 for Hereford, twm_4 for Staffs, twm_5 for Shropshire, twm_6 for Stoke-on-Trent, twm_7 for Telford, twm_8 for Warwickshire and twm_9 for Worcestershire. I have used East Midlands data and that seems to follow that sort of pattern too. Otherwise, the data might start with a 3 digit code e.g. 380 for Staffordshire, 389 for Stoke-on-Trent, 100 for Derbyshire.

3/14/2017 8:23:29 AM
Loading information from Traveline Right, in the SE folder you need to download the ATCO_20_Bus file, (020 is the ATCO prefix for Bedford Borough) and that CIF file should contain all services within Bedford Borough. Do a check once you have uploaded it into TRACC, particularly for cross-boundary services just to make sure they all appear to be in there.

The following link shows the codes for each authority. The ATCO Prefix denotes the code for the service.


Hope that helps!

3/15/2017 8:43:37 AM
Loading information from Traveline Hi Sonia,

Just looking at the format on the Traveline ftp site, bed_1 to bed_30 looks like services in Bedford, bed_4 looks like services in Luton so don't know whether you need these or not, bed_5 also looks like Luton services. bed_50 looks like Bedfordshire Villager Community Bus services so don't know about those, bed_51 look like other community bus services from Biggleswade. bed_53 look like Wanderbus services wherever they operate from. Anything numbered higher than that i.e bed_70 etc seem to be Berkshire so you can ignore those.
Make sure you load all the bus stops into TRACC if you are doing it this way before loading the services from Traveline. You may well get lots of missing stops anyway for anything outside the boundary but that may not be a problem if you are only wanting to do a calculation within your area.

Hope that helps,

1/25/2018 8:51:56 AM
Possibly daft question about 1-way road links Hello,

This might seem like a silly question, but if a road link is one-way to vehicles, if it is open to walking is it also only one-way for walking? The reason I ask this is for example where a side road links to a dual carriageway but only to one side of the road, but pedestrians could walk either way down the pavement adjacent to the dual carriageway.


1/25/2018 2:40:01 PM
Possibly daft question about 1-way road links Hi Rob,

Thanks for that, I thought that was probably the case, having added in a number of new estate links which joined onto a dual carriageway (but with access only left-in left-out road access) I kinda hoped that this would be vehicle only and walking would not be affected.


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