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3/9/2017 4:31:49 PM
Loading information from Traveline Hi,

I have downloaded the FTP data from Traveline which comes in huge files relating to the regions. I only wanted public transport information for the borough and surrounding areas. I was told by Traveline that I have to look at the service report to find out which service is in the borough which is a laborious task as there are a lot of records, even just doing a 'find' search and I am not sure that this will identify all of the relevant services. How has anyone else done this, other than wait for thousands of records to be loaded into TRACC.

Your advice would be appreciated.
3/13/2017 5:27:22 PM
Loading information from Traveline Hi,
It is for Bedford Borough and looking at the south east and east midlands regions. I have the service report but it is not clear which data relates to Bedford. I asked the question of Traveline as was told to just look for the relevant service so I had to do a search for Bedford in the spreadsheet, but I am not certain that this will pick up all of the services in this way. I could not find what the region codes mean. When I downloaded the information from the FTP the east midlands code all start with em.
3/14/2017 9:20:54 AM
Loading information from Traveline Hi Rowley,
That's very helpful thank you! I had to ask our IT people to download the FTP site (firewall issues) so they had just downloaded the whole lot. I will ask them just to download the ATCO 20 files only and hopefully that will speed my calculations up.
Thank you for the link as well. I was searching on the traveline information and forgot about Naptan.
Many thanks
3/14/2017 4:04:47 PM
Loading information from Traveline Hi Rowley,
No luck with the dowload. When the FTP file is opened it is just a large zipped file for the region and then the files in the document are XML documents. In the SE region the files initially start with the file name bed_1-1_-y08-3 and there are other files names starting with set_6 etc. There doesn't appear to be an ATCO 20 file in the document. Is there somewhere else to download?
I have all of the bus stops for Bedford from Naptan, but not the public transport times etc.
3/15/2017 9:21:30 AM
Loading information from Traveline Hi Rowley,
I will look through the list. Traveline don't make it easy!
Thank you for all of your help, much appreciated.
Kind regards
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