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4/14/2011 9:41:40 AM
Accession and Parking Standards I've done some work using Accession to develop settlement hierarchies based on access to all facilities using public transport, walking and cycling. The methodology I followed was largely based on that used by Halcrow Consultants for a study carried out for South Buckinghamshire District Council for their LDF work in 2005. I also obtained a copy of a report from Hampshire County Council of a study carried out by Colin Buchanan Consultants in 2004 using accessibility measures to derive a settlement hierarchy for the Greater Hampshire urban area - this was in the pre-Accession days. I would have thought the methodology could be applied to assess residential car parking standards. The Nottinghamshire work for which I undertook the modelling work can be found at : http://www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/home/environment/planningmatters/subregionalandcountyplanning.htm

look for 'Greater Nottingham Accessible Settlements Study 2010.
2/24/2015 4:44:15 PM
TRACC very slow in writing results to a csv file Hi,
I've noticed that TRACC is very slow in writing results to a csv file, the file is the whole O/D file (1,384,000 total O/D pairs). I remember Accession was pretty quick in doing this, mainly because the Repository was held on the local (C) drive. Whereas TRACC on my PC operates on the computer network. Any ideas about how to speed up the process?
8/25/2015 11:04:24 AM
realistic road speeds? Hi,
Does anyone know where I can find a table of typical road speeds achieved on each class/type of road within urban (30mph) and out-of-urban areas (40mph+), perhaps as used in AA or RAC routefinder products? I would like to use these in TRACC to produce realistic drive time catchment areas.
5/26/2016 5:41:50 PM
Ability to export routes? Hi, I wonder if TRACC can export public transport routes to an ESRI shape file? When the public transport network editor is called up, a route is selected, a route variant is selected, and there is the option to edit the route. A map of the route appears below in the menu box - I wonder if the underlying point and joined-up line/polyline data could be exported? Or could the map which is created be exported so that it can be 'tidied up'?
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