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11/24/2009 11:12:59 AM
Population data used in calculations Hello All,

I had a question about the population data that Accession users use for accessibility calculations. Whilst I note that there is a lot of census/population information available on the neighbourhood statistics website, my question concerns the level of detail of population data typically used in Accession calculations. I am particularly interested in some of the data that might have been used for accessibility calculations related to job seekers allowance claimants and pupils in receipt of free school meals.

Information appears to be available down to Mid and Lower Super Output Area levels from the neighbourhood statistics website for these data sets – however not at Output Area level. I was assuming that Accession calculations incorporating population data should ideally use data at the Output Area level (i.e. approx 200-500 pop), to give more meaningful output. I also note that whilst some population information estimates are released by ONS to update from the 2001 census, these are not released at the Output Area level (I’m assuming because it is not possible to be that accurate with population update estimates). I was interested to hear what levels of population detail other Accession users use/have used for their accessibility calculations, particularly for example for Accessibility Strategy work for LTP2, or any other thoughts around this issue.

I appreciate any thoughts or advice that others might be able to share,
Many thanks,

1/12/2010 9:23:34 AM
Population data used in calculations Hello All,

I just wondered whether anyone had any thoughts on my original post below? Basically this relates to the size of population data that Accession users typically use in calculations.

I had previously assumed that in undertaking calculations in Accession, population data down to Output Area level (i.e. 200-500 pop) should ideally be used to give more meaningful outputs, but I note that a lot of data typically used in calculations for previous LTP2 Accessibility Strategy work typically uses data at Lower Super Output Area levels (i.e. 1000-2000 pop). I just wondered what Accession users thoughts were on the levels of population data used in calculations?

Any thoughts or comments on this would be much appreciated,

Many thanks,

1/15/2010 12:31:17 PM
Population data used in calculations Thanks Keith for your thoughts and for your information on alternative potential data sources. I agree it seems important to be considering the scale of the study area for the calculation. I guess it is always sensible to interpret the population calculation results with some caution bearing in mind some of the data assumptions that feed into the calculations. I work for West Sussex County Council, but was not here at the time when our LTP2 Accessibility Strategy was prepared, and the colleagues that were involved in the Accession work have moved on, so it is useful to get your thoughts and see the other comments on the forum. Using Address Point information for origin points is something that I have considered but have not tried yet, so I will consider this in future.

Thanks again for your thoughts,
Kind regards,

2/21/2013 9:21:17 AM
NPTDR 2012 Hello All,

Just to follow up on the post concerning use of the data within public sector bodies – we were planning to use the NPTDR data within Accession to do some follow-up analysis of the impacts of bus service review changes across the county over the last 12/18 months. We didn’t use the Oct 2011 data as this was just before a whole series of changes made following this review. I have not had a chance to look at TNDS or the rail information from ATCO yet. Importing NPTDR data was relatively straightforward. If NPTDR data is not to be released, is there any possibility of some step-by-step user friendly descriptions of how to go about this for both the bus (TNDS) and rail (ATCO) data being produced, assuming this data will allow consistent comparisons with previous analysis based on NPTDR?

Kind regards,

5/13/2013 4:42:39 PM
NPTDR 2012 Hello,
Further to previous dialogue and to follow up on recent posts, we would be interested in this potential solution to TNDS and ATCO rail data access so that we can continue to use Accession. Would the data solution also incorporate stops data, as we have had recent problems just with uploading the Naptan stops data into Accession with large chunks of data missing?

However, it's likely that we would need to see an upgrade to Accession so that it can work with the latest versions of Windows (we will shortly be migrating to Windows 7) as over coming months XP will no longer be supported.

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